What's New

New Shop Location (our main Store is still in Saint Helena)

We’ve moved the shop to Calistoga.  And yes, the office is still in St. Helena at 990 Vintage Ave.  We have a great new space for working on used barrels and creating new ones.  We’ve also added a zillion square feet of warehouse storage.  Shop Services

Oak Barrels

French • Eastern European  • American

As you look at our barrel selections this year, you’ll see that we’ve gone from using forest designation to grain tightness. It’s become apparent that grain tightness is easier to document, replicate and is more uniform than forest origin; wood from the Allier forest, for example, can be anything from “Limousin” loose to “Troncais” tight.  More…

Coopers Supplies

We offer a full line of coopers supplies and tools from sulfur discs to cooper’s hammers.

See our full line of products 

The Shop

We have been in the business of repairing and maintaining cooperage for over 40 years. During that time we have been asked to fix virtually every type of problem you might have with a barrel – from simple bore-bug holes to multiple stave replacements when a barrel falls off a forklift.  See shop Services