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•  Cleans and freshens barrels

•  Cleans tanks, presses, hoses, bungs, clothing and more

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ProxyClean Safety Data Sheet

ProxyClean Uses in the Winery


Now OMRI listed – setting the standard for modern winery sanitation

ProxyClean™ Concentrate is our brand name for sodium carbonate peroxihydrate. It is a granular form of hydrogen peroxide combined with sodium carbonate. It is the recommended replacement for chlorine-based cleaning agents.

As an oxidizing bleaching agent it has about 13% available oxygen; the remaining breakdown products are water and soda ash. We have sold it for years as a way to save “off” barrels and to remove tartrate deposits. Wineries have found it to be very effective for cleaning floors, clothing, tanks, presses, hoses, bungs, lab glassware and other winery equipment.

ProxyClean is manufactured in the USA and meets strict quality

For pickup or local delivery ONLY

5 lbs

$12.50 – For Pick Up Only

50 – 250 lbs

$1.56/lb ($78.00 per bag)

300 – 1000 lbs

$1.44/lb ($72.00 per bag)

1000 lbs +

$1.34/lb ($67.00 per bag)

For Shipping

50 lbs in a HazMat box $85.00 + $27.50 HazMat fee + shipping
300 lbs or more can be shipped via truck. Call for shipping quote.

ProxyClean is rated by DOT as an oxidizer. Consequently it can only be shipped in 50 lb. quantities.
Shipping requires that it be overpacked into a DOT rated box.

Shipping Proxy Clean

The US Dept. of Transportation classifies ProxyClean as an Oxidizing Solid listed under Hazard Class 5.1. (i.e., when ProxyClean gets wet it releases oxygen which can be a problem if the material is spilled near a fire and becomes wet.) Therefore the product must be shipped in its original packaging from the manufacturer.

To ship ProxyClean via FedEx Ground the bag must be placed in a DOT-rated hazmat box. FedEx Ground also charges a special HazMat handling fee – currently $27.50 per 50 pound box.