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We’ve been taking care of barrels in the Napa Valley for over 40 years. Yann Guigen, Barrel Builders Master Cooper and Shop Manager, studied the art of barrel-making in France before coming to the U.S.

Click on the video to learn a little more about Yann.

Spin with a French Cooper

Yann Guigen,  Master Cooper


1401 Tubbs Ln, Calistoga, CA 94515

Excellent work on our reconditioned barrels.

Thanks again for your great service.

—S. Thomas

Cooperage Repair

We have been in the business of repairing and maintaining cooperage for over 40 years. During that time we have been asked to fix virtually every type of problem you might have with a barrel – from simple bore-bug holes to multiple stave replacements when a barrel falls off a forklift. Our coopers are experienced, competent and efficient. If we can’t save a barrel (or it is not worth saving) we will let you know. All work guaranteed.

Labor charges $110.00 per hour
Minimum charge $55.00 (½ hour)
Travel charge  $60.00 per hour
(Travel time applies if you require on-site work.)

Stave Replacement
$110.00 for first stave – plus material
$30.00 for each additional stave plus material
Headboard Replacement $80.00 Labor
$15.00 for each additional board plus material
Hoop Repair $30.00 each
Exterior Clean:ProxyClean $20.00 per barrel
Sanding $75.00 per barrel
Interior Clean: Ozone $20.00 per barrel

Barrel Reconditioning

Like oak chips, the use of reconditioned barrels has become an accepted tool of winemaking. Reconditioned barrels tend to produce a round, mellow extraction of the oak. In a blend, shaved barrels can add a delicious flavor component at a very reasonable price. If you have barrels that are four to six years old, consider shaving and toasting. We remove both heads, rotate the barrel around a stationary router which shaves about 3/16 inch of saturated wood, sand it smooth, allow it to dry for 24 hours, then toast it over an open oak fire. The heads are planed smooth prior to reassembling the barrel.


Standard 50-60 barrels
$100 (1-49 barrels)
$90 (50+ barrels)
Small barrels $75


Light to medium $30
Toast heads $10

For jobs over 40 barrels, we prefer to do the work on-site.

Call or email for a quote

Office: 707.963.9963

 Cell: 707.953.8923


Custom Work

Fit and install plexiglass head $250.00     (per head)
Fit and install wooden head $150.00     (per head)
Custom cut your barrel $260.00