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 Tanks And Casks

Tailor-Made since 1870

We value individuality and understand the uniqueness of every project. That’s why each vessel we produce is tailor-made for our customers; there is no standard product or stock available. Our goal is to create beautiful pieces as unique as your vision.

Generations of artisans have passed down their knowledge and expertise unique to manufacturing casks and tanks. The Marchive – Fruhinsholz™ story is the partnership of two cooperages with a glorious past and the confidence of a solid and innovative future.

For more than 50 years, the Marchive cooperage has put its expertise to use in the service of our customers. We continue the tradition as former master “Foudriers” have taught the younger coopers the delicate techniques of tank construction.

Every stave is sawn respecting the grain of the wood to eliminate leaks, and wood dowels only are used to join the staves and heading. Toasting is done the traditional way with a wood brazier fire in the tank for many hours under the watchful eye of our foudriers.

The tank is tested and hand-sanded when the construction is complete for a beautiful finish. Then the accessories are installed, and the hoops can be finished in your choice of color. The tank can be left plain or lightly oiled.

After delivery and setup at your winery, our tanks are guaranteed for one year, and, of course, we will keep in touch to ensure that you are happy with your new product.

Tank Options

  • Round and Oval Casks available ranging in size from 10 HL – 60 HL
  • Open Tanks available ranging in size from 10 HL – 90 HL
  • Closed Tanks available in a wide range of sizes from 10 HL – 200 HL

We also offer a wide range of accessories, often tailor-made. For further information or to request a quote: